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Spanish producer Parissior flexes his disco muscles on a four-track EP for Rare Wiri that demonstrates his versatility nicely. Hypnotic opener ‘Another Chance’ loops up just a few lines of a tremulous female soul/R&B vocal over a dusty, lo-fi backing to great effect, while the hazy, druggy ‘She Moves’ is slower-moving but beefier and more stripped-back, and features one of the most sonically crowded breakdowns you’ll hear all month. ‘Manay Rah’ then takes us into shiny, sparkly 80s Italo territory, before Parissior underlines the point with the upbeat and very aptly titled throbber ‘I Like Cosmic, My Girl Don’t’


“That Parrisior remix is terrific. many thanks” favourite track: Messier 87 (Parissior Remix) rating: 4/5

Duncan Gray (Tici Taci)

“Horizons for me! Great EP”
rating: 5/5

― Andrew Weatherall

El conjunto del disco es tan experimental como intenso y adictivo, y consigue apoderarse de uno como un veneno dulce, y que sin ser nostálgico –pese a recuperar unos métodos que parecían olvidados por la escena electrónica underground–, consigue tener apariencia atemporal.

Consigue, a través de los tres temas, transportándonos de forma progresiva, bullente y evocadora, lanzándonos a un viaje oceánico lleno de matices y escalofriantes, que pocos productores nacionales con decidida soltura, están dispuestos a habitar, alejándose de cualquier limitación estilística rígida, más allá de todo límite. Este singular productor encuentra en los sutiles enfrentamientos de sentimientos y contradicciones la pura inspiración. Si alguien quiere hacer algo bueno, debe aspirar a triturar los lenguajes ya conocidos. Sólo de las ruinas, como aquí hace Parissior, puede surgir una nueva electrónica que persiga el futuro”.

Alejandro Serrano (Comolasgrecas.com)


About Parissior

Jesús Aparicio is a deejay and producer from Cantabria who has been releasing electronic music for almost 20 years under various nicknames. It is in Salamanca where he develops the beginning of his career, being a resident of emblematic clubs such as “Cubic Club”, “Submarino”, “Beatz” or his own venue, “Clavel Ocho”, where “Espacio Cielo” sessions were born. . At this stage he had the opportunity to work and learn from famous DJs such as Francesco Farfa, Hot Chip, Jimpster, Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero, Angel Molina, Pete Herbert, Shinedoe, Marc Marzenit and many more.

In 2012, tired of accumulating music for which he couldn’t find a place, his alias Parissior was born, influenced by a mix of nu disco, acid house, slow techno, italo, nu wave, electro and industrial styles . In 2020 he launched his own record label, “Espacio Cielo“, in which he has published works and remixes by producers such as Theus Mago, Silicodisco, Zombies in Miami, Italo Brutalo, Azaria, Ivan de la Rouch, Mufti or Moo Moonster, to be highlighted from a long list of artists along 44 references.

His EP’s and remixes have been published on labels such as Nein (London), AEON (Berlin), Esthetique, Melopee (France), HEAREC (Germany/Bolivia) or Wonder Stories (USA) among others, being remixed by names like Kendal, Theo Kottis, Franz Scala or Freudenthal plus a long list of artists from the Nu Disco/Dark Disco scene. In 2022 he will release music on Critical Monday, Ombra International, Slow Cycle or Espacio Cielo, featuring remixes by Fabrizio Mammarella, Alex Medina, Zombies In Miami and Disco Mortale, as well as remixes on Nein, Tici Taci and Pinorama. It’s common to find his tracks in sessions of artists such as Curses, Tronik Youth, John Paynter, Silicodisco, Moo Moonster..

Today, he is one of the most requested remixers in his style, having delivered works for artists such as Dj Rocca, Rayko, K-Effect, Daniel Monaco, Shubostar, Jason Peters, CSK or Tronik Youth. As a DJ he has played in London, Marseille, Rome, Moscow, Madrid, Lisbon…

Today he has his home base in Oviedo (Asturias), where he combines his daily work with his studio work, mixing and Mastering for other artists and developing music for brands, TV / radio commercials or audiobooks.

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