French “Guyd” shows his production skills in this brilliant Ep with dark disco orientation. “Parissior”, “Moo Moonster” and “Oval Future Face” make the Spanish team at the remixes.

Guyd is a music producer from France. He started music at 14, when he began the guitar, and played rock music in the 90’s. In the 2000’s, he discovered electronic music, following artists like Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Cosmo Vitelli. He bought his first synths in 2008 and began electronic music production.

After several projects and experimentations, he find his style in 2016, making Dark-Disco music.  He is always searching new sounds and create a percussive electronic music with rock origins, where big basslines and knocking sounds are mixed with lighter  and melodic elements, in a dark atmosphere, driving you in a space travel. He released his first Ep in 2018 on the italian label CSK:BEAT, and a second Ep in 2019 on the french label ESTHETIQUE.

Mastered by K-Effect



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