Czech producer Andreas Rund debuts in Espacio Cielo with “Due Absence”, an EP that follows the dark line of his previous work, and is brilliantly remixed by Daniel Monaco and ID_UA.

Andreas Rund is a producer and DJ from Czech Republic. He used to perform under the name “Atrey” and in
2014 he released his first EP. First release as “Andreas Rund” was at the Swedish label “Comorbid records” and
another followed. These releases was focused more on syntwave sounds with dark basslines. His next ep “Light
of your life”(2018) was at Marseille’s label “Beat is murder” and with this started a new chapter which reflects in
his current output – powerful beat and bassline with melodic elements, atmospheric pads and vocals.. As well he
released on well known label “Nein Records” the ep “Tigth Bite”(2019).

His first vinyl “Come Back To Me including
Egyptian Lover remix” Andreas released on Amsterdam based label “Musique Exotique” in collaboration with
label owner “Ayden Vice” together with first music video. The original track and music video cast a spell by
infusing the raw harsh electro sound with the melodic and percussive sensualism. About the fact that Adreas is
really close to a dark disco you could convince yourself with his ep “Ignorant” which was releases under the label
“ESTHÉTIQUE” (2019). Tracks from Andreas were remixed by various artists like “Colossio”, “Uninc &
Kolomenski”, “Mr.Bc” , “FLVN”, “Daniel Gregori”. You can meet Andreas mostly as a dj in clubs in his hometown
Olomouc or at some festivals in Czech.
And his story goes on.

Mastered by K-Effect



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