Based in Spain, Espacio Cielo is an Independent music label fusing sounds of the 80s into futuristic danceable tracks. Espacio Cielo refers to the full vastness, the infinite, and the eternal. Heaven marks the beginning, the end, and most importantly, the path. A path marked by eternal analog synthesizers, such as JUNO’s or classic digital DX7’s, playing in harmony, creating a cosmic elevation experience.

Under direction of label boss, Parissior, together with a team of creative Dance Music Industry professionals, they bring an outer world UFO thematic. Dark Disco, Acid House, Slow Techno, Synthwave and other danceable electronic styles, is what you will find, wrapped up in a cosmic vibe.

We have our “Party night” at Piper Club (Salamanca, Spain), where you can dance to Parissior and other guest DJ’s every Saturday from 1:00 to 6:30h. Follow us in Facebook to see our event timeline.

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